The Oasis ministry team is a dynamic group of ministers who love God, love people, and love to help people come to know the love of Jesus.


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. ~ John3:16

Nancy A. Hudson

Senior Pastor

Pastor Nancy A. Hudson is the senior pastor of the Oasis of Love Church. As an Elisha to Elijah, she served faithfully as Bishop Elvina E. Miller’s right hand for many years. After graduating from Salem College in West Virginia with a double major in Communications and Art, she moved to Shippensburg, where she submitted to God and was part of the growing Oasis church family. As an administrator, visionary, teacher and preacher, according to Bishop Miller’s training and God’s calling, Pastor Nancy has transitioned into a place of authority as Overseer of the Oasis Churches and Senior Pastor of the Oasis of Love Church in Shippensburg.

With a background of the arts and theater, she brings inspiration and humor to the art, drama and music departments. She always seems to have a sense of God’s direction and firmly believes in unique freedoms of Godly expression that continues to shape the church’s worship and music.

The Bible promises that God would give us pastors after His own heart and Pastor Nancy personifies that scripture. She can be found counseling couples, admonishing and encouraging a young person or sharing God’s Word at any time of the day! She has an ability to relate to all ages. Along with her multiple gifts, Pastor Nancy helps to coordinate the Hospitality Department of the church. She oversees the kitchen ministry, which includes hosting formal dinners, events, emergency food distribution, parties, our coffee shop, Grounded.

Having graduated from the Protocol School of Washington as an instructor in etiquette and international protocol, Pastor Nancy gives seminars on etiquette and proper business protocol. She is currently writing a book that Bishop Miller asked her to write about her years serving alongside her. Along with that, one day she expects to write a “church etiquette book.” Pastor Nancy is a gift to the Body of Christ.

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