Ed Schale


Ed Schale is one of the pastors of the Oasis of Love Church. Upon graduating from Shippensburg State College in 1976, he remained in Shippensburg and has served alongside his wife, Nancy, at the Oasis of Love Church for more than 30 years. With Pastor Ed’s multiple talents that include being a terrific guitar player, to “practically” being a stand-up comedian for Jesus, Pastor Ed’s Bible teaching is both riveting and humorous. Pastor Ed also adds, as a musician would say, “hot licks” to the worship band when he plays!

In addition, Pastor Ed oversees our Audio and Visual Department, is an integral part of our drama team, helps to direct our Married Couples and is involved in counseling and other ministerial duties.

Pastor Ed is an electrician, having worked full time for the electric company for many years, and uses his talents to contribute to the welfare of the church. Ed recently supervised a project to reduce electrical use in one of our main buildings, which highlights his concern for our environment. Pastor Ed supervises the maintenance of all the electrical and physical areas of our buildings, and can still be seen at any hour, hanging off of a ladder or with his feet and legs dangling out of some ceiling somewhere in one of our buildings! It is a privilege to have Pastor Ed in our church family.