R. Jerome Kater


Jerome Kater. For more than 20 years, Jerome Kater, a pastor and ordained minister at the Oasis of Love Church, has worked as a police officer on the campus of Shippensburg University, serving and protecting the people and property of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Now retired, Pastor Jerome divides his time between his family, and the many areas of outreach that God has used him to be a part of including: C.A.N. (Christ Among Neighbors), Boys and Girls Club and is a Board Member of CFJMA in Shippensburg.

Jerome has attended the Oasis of Love Church since 1976 when he came to know Jesus as his personal Savior. Since then he has become an integral part in the workings of the church. With a song on his heart, he serves on the worship team, spends time with the youth, and is directly responsible as a liaison for troubled and needy young people as they seek to redirect their lives. Pastor Jerome has also made it a part of his daily routine, to check on the physical buildings and grounds of our church. Jerome is a father of fathers, a brother of brothers and a spiritual son of Bishop Miller. Jerome and his wife, Andrea, have 8 children and these days they get to enjoy their 8 grandchildren, too!